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can i make, that when compiling in the adhoc-profile, i made for xcode, pack it into a zip complaining to itunes or an ipa, give it an automatic name (optional ... and copy it to a network-path ?

so, what is really my problem: i think i understood, that in a past-build-phase i can run a shell-script. but i haven´t done many shell-scripting now. can i zip on osx with the shell and for this case in a simple way ?

and can i let the message "no provisioned iphone connected" be gone ?

why ? i want, that some company-internal people can load my software without email-spamming on each new release.

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ok, build and archive builds at least the .ipa automatically. the rest might be just a second click and a script. so if no one has a more elegant solution, this is enough

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Check out the BetaBuilder gem - It worked about 90% of the way for me - I had to re-route its guts a bit to make it work, but my fork ( works for me. Hopefully, you can cobble together a solution for you (it was worth the effort for me!)

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You can automate this, but need to get after the code signing, which is behind the last build phase you can add to Xcode. So the solution is creating a new aggregate target and define the shell script in there.

Here is an example of the whole process including a readme file on how to set it up:

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hi, do you have a link that is working for this? thanks – MaKo Dec 3 '12 at 0:05

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