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I have to autocomplete for a textbox within an innerHTML(this innerHTML is loaded by AJAX) , normally if we use $("#elementid").autopopulate will work if elementid is within in an html content, but it will not work for if elementid is within an innerHTML in the same page. When i checked with Firebug, the AJAX call is not fired when we enter a character? The problem is with the selection, i guess, so I need to know how to select an element within an innerHTML?

thanks in advance.

I need one more help..after the user selecting the autocompleted value from the list in textbox, i need to do some operation on the same and get printed the resulted value on another textbox, how will i achieve this?

see jquery code below for calling elt in innerhtml

$(function(){ $("input[name='item_no']").autocomplete("auto/finditem.cfm"); })
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In those cases there is Fiddle:


I made up an example of your code. I hope this will help.

If I get you right you want to select a child element from a parent element.

You have to use the following jQuery selector

jQuery('parent > child')

Documentation at: http://api.jquery.com/child-selector/

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thanks for the reply...... so can I use in this way $("divid textid") where my html is as follows, and div content is generated by ajax <div id="divid" name="divid"> <input type="text" id="textid" name="textid"> </div> thanks –  soorajthomas Aug 12 '10 at 9:29
if u r trying to acces value from the textbox #textid u shud be using $("input[name='textid']").val(); –  manraj82 Aug 12 '10 at 9:42
hi manraj, see the call <script> $(function(){ $("input[name='item_no']").autocomplete("auto/finditem.cfm"); }) </script> but still its not working.. –  soorajthomas Aug 12 '10 at 9:53

Try calling $("#textid").autocomplete("auto/finditem.cfm"); in the ajax request's success-function

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