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What is the difference between C# , .NET and CLI?

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C# is one of the .NET languages - VB.NET, F# and many more exist.

.NET is a platform (libraries, compiler and runtime) on which code written by any of these languages runs.

CLI is the Common Language Infrastructure - it is a specification that describes the executable code and runtime that make the .NET platform. Apart from the Microsoft one, there are other implementations - mono and Portable.NET the most known.

If you want some more acronyms:

  • There is also the CLR - the common language runtime, which is the Microsoft implementation of the CLI, mentioned above.

  • In addition, on top of the CLR, Microsoft have created the DLR - the dynamic language runtime is a set of services for several dynamic languages such as python and ruby.

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well, c# is programming language,CLR is the tool or framework so you write your code using c#, CLR convert that codes to Microprocessor's language and all order up to your c# code CLR coordinate memory,microprocessor and other sources, so if you work in that situation or you make a product with this, they say your done your job up to .NET

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