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(I develop using JAVA and want to implement plugin in eclipse which can detect code smell and automate refactoring)

1) Initialy, I would like to find a smell detector library in order to get the smell existing in the class. I installed PMD plugin in Eclipse and try using it. I want to get all information which is represented in a views of Eclipse (Violation Outline View and Violation Overview View) by using PMD library. because I want to use this information further instead of only seeing it. Please suggest me the tutorials or examples. I saw only the page like javadoc listing the class in PMD library.

2) And also are there any tools for detecting code smell.

3) could you give the example of library for automating refactoring and the tutorial

Thank you very much

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automated refactoring sounds like it could be very dangerous. –  Paul Whelan Oct 11 '10 at 12:39

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JDeodorant (commercial) is such a tool (and integrates with Eclipse).

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