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I use the Global Resources feature, not only to centralize all my output strings but to make it easy when using Localization (witch is almost 90% of the time).

But I spread out my project into, not only the ASP.NET website, but with 2 Library projects as well.

my question is:

How can I use the ASP.NET Global Resource file in those Library projects?

as If I do


the Library as no knowledge of the MyFilename class

alt text

What should I do in this cases?

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Your going to have to use the ResourceManager class to accomplish this.

MSDN Resource Manager

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Got it... I just passed the ResourceManager that the Resource file is assign to, like: ResourceManager rm = Resources.Strings.ResourceManager; and then myClass cl = new myClass(rm); –  balexandre Aug 12 '10 at 16:04

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