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I have one random variable and one variable which I read from page. How can I subtract or multiply that two variables and where or in which component in JMeter.

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Check out the functions page for Jmeter. It has tons of cool math tools that you can plug anywhere in your script.

You'll most likely end up doing a jexl command, which would look something like this: ${__jexl(${var1}-${var2})}

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Thanks! I needed ${perpage} variable defined in JMeter and ${__jexl(vars.get('perpage')-1)} worked for me! – test30 Nov 26 '13 at 2:17
This worked for me in Throughput Shaping Timer, while other methods (beanshell, javascript etc) were not working. Thanks. – TestingWithArif Mar 22 at 12:35

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