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I have two roles being used on my site currently, author & admin. Authors cannot access user administration functions. However, they should be able to edit certain parts of their profile. An admin is currently able to edit all parts of a user's profile. For example:

employee ID   [admin]
display name  [author,admin]
roles         [admin]

I would like to re-use code where possible. I'm not sure what the best solution would be here. There are 2 things to deal with

  1. Only allowing a user to edit their own profile and not others
  2. Restricting which fields that user can edit vs which fields an admin can edit

I think #1 is best achieved by a custom Authorize attribute (I already have one I can extend further). If you have a better approach please share. And #2 I am unsure, view model? I have my allowed fields bound for a user using a partial class which would be different for each role.

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Your solution for #1 is spot on, you need to use the AuthorizeAttribute.

For #2 you can just do security trimming where you only render for the particular user.

Some pseudo code in your view (or move it to a partial view):

if administrator
    render employee ID text box
if administrator || author
    render display name text box
if administrator
    render roles check list

So you're going to need to control how to determine if the user is in a "role". You can use ASP.NET's Membership Provider or roll something of your own.

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True. And it looks like UpdateModel() has third/fourth parameters so I can explicitly include/exclude properties that the user should/shouldn't be able to update. Thanks –  ryan Aug 12 '10 at 13:16

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