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I'm using codeigniter for a little time and I find it really good, but sometimes it's difficult to find pre-cooked examples on the web that will guide me on what I want to do...so my question is which web framework(independent of language) will offer more examples, better tutorials and more resources in general?thanks in advance

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that is really impossible to answer in a meaningful way. –  troelskn Aug 12 '10 at 12:34

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Have a look at this wikipedia comparison of frameworks to see what they support out of the box (resources).

As to user base / documentation / useful examples: it depends on code that you can easily read as well. Have a look at:

http://static.raibledesigns.com/repository/presentations/WebFrameworksOfTheFuture-FlexGWTRailsAndGrails.pdf and https://equinox.dev.java.net/framework-comparison/WebFrameworks.pdf also compare frameworks.

I personally use the MS family, and I am satisfied.

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I would strongly recommend CakePHP , it has alot of examples and really nice documentation. It has a very nice way in handling models relationships

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I'd recommend you have a look at the following, categorized in no particular order, with their language of implementation and support in brackets. They all present rather clean and novative aspects, but I don't think there's any real silver bullets. Just lots of very nice bullets depending on what you aim for.

The Laureates are...


There are other ones, but these were the ones that struck me a blow the first time I saw and experimented with them, and which have - in my opinion - brought some innovation to the scene in general or to their platform in particular.

Note that this isn't to say that some other frameworks may have been equally significant, but I merely list relatively recent and modern ones, and most importantly ones that I will still consider to write a modern web-app (in the general case).

Feel free to look around for more (and maybe add them in comments or edit this answer).

A few notes...

Play is indeed fun to poke around. Yii is the only PHP framework I'd touch with a very long pole (maybe CodeIgniter as well, granted, but I find Yii cooler and less of a hurdle to use and to work through). Rails/Grails are obviously on par. Wicket is something you'd want to consider if you are in a Java shop that's relatively restrictive and doesn't want anything ultra-exotic, but still enough on the edge.

But mostly, I'd recommend you have a look at Lift and Seaside, if you want to see something truly amazingly well thoughout and for the highest feature-per-LOC ratio. (Oh, and it's inspired partly by Seaside and Wicket, and designed by someone who had to work with a lot of (g)rails web-apps, so that sums it up. Plus Scala is an amazing language, granted you can use it and its underlying platform...)

This is an old question, but what the hell, Just came across it...

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