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a (hopefully) quick question - how can I use Textile in PHP? As in, I have some textile-formatted text that I want to convert to html using php. If I was using Ruby I'd use RedCloth but I can't seem to find a similar solution for php.

Anybody any ideas?

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Get, for example, the original Textile library.

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Ahh ok... I was about to ask how to use it but there's an example file included that shows you how to use it in PHP... :-) thanks! –  fishwebby Aug 13 '10 at 6:16

To be more specific, what the Example file has is:

// A simple example


$textile = new Textile();

$in = <<<EOF

A *simple* example.


echo $textile->TextileThis($in);

// For untrusted user input, use TextileRestricted instead:
// echo $textile->TextileRestricted($in);

And for those whom Heredoc string syntax might be confusing (Like myself) here is the basic form.


$textile = new Textile();

echo $textile->TextileThis('A *simple* example.');
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