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I have a wx.ListCtrl instance to which I use InsertColumn like this:

Path | Size | ... | Last run

For each item to be displayed I have a function that sets all the fields: setStringItem(index, 0, path) setStringItem(index, 1, size) ...

I want on column 6 (Last run) to do the following: 1) add a picture 2) the picture should be clickable, once clicked it should open a file

For pictures I use PyEmbeddedImage (using img2py) like this: btn_remove_entry = GenBitmapTextButton(self, -1, remove_img.GetBitmap(), "text", size=(120, 35) )

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Take a look at Andrea's UltimateListCtrl - it's included in the latest wx, but the online docs aren't up to date.

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