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The DataGrid in the .net compact framework (I'm using v3.5) is a bit limited. I try to display a bool-value with app-defined texts like "on/off" or translations of "true/false". I've created a class DataGridBoolColumn which inherits from DataGridTextBoxColumn and there I override the Paint-method. But I've problems with retrieving the current value of the cell, since there's no GetColumnValueAtRow-method in the comapct framework.

In my small app I know, that the grid is bound to a DataView and I can pass the relevant objects to my constructor so I can look up the value. But this is not a real generic way so I can't use this class in other apps with other bound data sources. Is there a "righter" way to get the current value in the Paint method?

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I hope this answer helps someone

DirectCast(DirectCast(source.List(rowNum), System.Object), System.Data.DataRowView).Row(Me.MappingName, Data.DataRowVersion.Current)
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