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The following loop takes about 700 seconds to run in octave and 22 seconds to run in matlab when the DJI matrix has 21000 rows. How can I increase the efficiency of this?

for i=1:length(DJI)

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Did you remember to preallocate DJI2?

More importantly, you do not need the loop at all. datenum operates on arrays. Try this:


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Using char() does not seem to allow me to call datenum on the entire array, the code example you gave doesn't work. –  Jared Dec 8 '08 at 23:18
What is the type of DJI? Is it a cell array? If you have an array A = ['2005-10-10'; '2006-11-12'; ...] then datenum(A, 'yyyy-mm-dd') will work. See if you can convert DJI to something that looks like A. –  Dima Dec 9 '08 at 19:07

I replaced the loop with the following and got at least a one order of magnitude increase in speed.

DJI2(:,1) = reshape(datenum(strvcat(DJI(:,2)(:)), length(DJI(:,2)),'yyyy-mm-dd'));
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