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I've developed a system that uses SWFUpload to easily allow the user to upload multiple files with a progress bar showing them the upload progress. It all works fine in my development environment, but is failing for some users in the wild with the Flash movie not loading. I can see the Flash movie is there, if I right click it a window appears saying Movie not loaded... (Then on the next line) About Adobe Flash Player 10...

So far I've not been able to determine what was causing the failure.

Are there any other alternatives to SWFUpload that will allow for:

  • Upload progress bar
  • Allow multiple uploads

Alternatively, any ideas on the cause of the SWFUpload issue?

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Here are a few:

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The latest version of Uploadify uses SWFUpload, swfobject behind the scene. – Konstantin Tarkus Mar 28 '11 at 11:55

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