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I want to apply custom css to my calendar control. I have applied the same at corresponding locations for e.g.

e.Cell.CssClass = "highlight";

clndrEvt.TodayDayStyle.CssClass = "currentDay";
clndrEvt.OtherMonthDayStyle.CssClass = "OOB";
clndrEvt.NextPrevStyle.CssClass = "dayTitle";

However when i render the control, my styles are not reflected.

When i check 'View Source' it applies my classes (italic) and ALSO applies in-line styles (underlined) along with it, which overwrites my styles. For example,

class="highlight" align="center" style="color:White;background-color:Silver;width:14%"

Can anyone help me out with this? To be very specific how to remove those in-line styles (by using which properties) from the HTML by settings properties of calendar control.

I have tried few, but that did not work.

e.Cell.Attributes.Add("Style", string.Empty);

clndrEvt.Style.Clear(); // clndrEvt is my calendar control
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can you also post the code on your aspx page? –  ajay_whiz Aug 12 '10 at 15:28
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I had a similar issue recently with a project I had inherited. I worked out that the styling was being added via the Master.skin in app_themes. Might be worth a check there.

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