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"Invalid object name 'TableName_Tombstone'" reads the rest of the exception message. I'm trying to sync sqlce with sql server 2008 and although I've attributed the TombstoneTableName a name with the following code:

TableNameBuilder.TbombstoneTableName = TableName.TableName + "_Tombstone" 

It appears not to find it on the server db although I did activate change tracking.

more details: i've also tried to access the tombstone table with the following code, but pointless:

TombstoneTableName = "Sales." + tableName + "_Tombstone",

any clues?

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You can run SQL Server Management Studio. Open the Object Explorer (File > Connect Object Explorer...) and connect to the target SQL Server server. In the Object Explorer tree view, navigate to Databases > {your database name} > Tables. Look at the list of tables to see if the table may have been created with a different name.

By the way, what are the values in TableName.TableName and tableName in your C# code?

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