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I want to write a program is C# that will allow me to execute a vbscript step by step like I would do in a debugger. I know I can run vbscript by creating a new process class form System.Diagnostics but I was wondering if that will allow me to execute one line of vbs code at a time.

Background:We have this UI automation framework that generates vbscript based on the tests written in an excel file. This vbscript in turn make calls to a dll that performs actions on the application.

We want to get away from excel and put this automation framework in silverlight.

So what I need is an ability for the user to run though step by step through that vb script like a debugger on an interpreter would.

Any ideas?

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You'd have to implement your own scripting host. Don't know much about it, ought to be challenging in C#. Start reading here.

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This sounds promising. Thanks –  user176687 Aug 13 '10 at 3:27

You might try the MS ScriptControl.

You should be able to execute your code line by line, however maintaining the state might be a challenge depending on how many variables are being used by the VBScript or if you are just making one distinct call per line.

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thanks. I'll try this. yes maintaining state will be required as there are lots of variables! –  user176687 Aug 13 '10 at 3:27

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