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for i in range(len(opt)):
     print opt[i]

Output for the above is


How to sort the above array in ascending order..

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for i in range(len(opt)) is unPythonic. Use for elt in opt instead. – katrielalex Aug 12 '10 at 17:43
You do not need the first line (opt=[]). – John Howard Aug 12 '10 at 19:15
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Use .sort() if you want to sort the original list. (opt.sort())

Use sorted() if you want a sorted copy of it.

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print sorted(opt)

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Depends on whether or not you want a natural sort (which I think you do) or not.

If you use sorted() or .sort() you'll get:

>>> opt = ["opt3", "opt2", "opt7", "opt6", "opt1", "opt10", "opt11"]
>>> print sorted(opt)
['opt1', 'opt10', 'opt11', 'opt2', 'opt3', 'opt6', 'opt7']

While you'll probably want ['opt1', 'opt2', 'opt3', 'opt6', 'opt7', 'opt10', 'opt11'].

If so you'll want to look into natural sorting (there are various variations on the function mentioned in that article).

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