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I have a view user control that can post form. This control can be used on multiple views. If user enters invalid data i add errors to ModelState - as simple as that. The problem is that i don't know which view/actionresult to return since i don't know from where user post form. Ok, i can get urlreferer - but that does not look nice for me. Any idea?

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Pass the info from your parent page to the controller.

<% RenderPartial("MyUserControl", new MyUserControlViewData()
    // pass parent page info here for user control to redirect to such as
    Controller = "Home",
    Action = "Index"

   // or even better
   ParentPath = ((WebFormView)this.ViewContext.View).ViewPath
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thanks - great answer... –  michal zygula Jan 6 '09 at 21:56

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