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Is it possible to use vectors in Coca Touch? If so, what library must be included?

I was following a general C tutorial on them an the only thing needed was to #include <vector>

But XCode states that there is no such file or directory.

Any pointer to a library that provides such functionality is appreciated.

Regards ~dhp

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Vectors are from C++, not C. This has a lot of implications. –  zneak Aug 12 '10 at 17:55
#include <vector> is C++, not C. –  nmichaels Aug 12 '10 at 17:57
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I figured it out... Follow the 3 steps below:

  1. Extend the file name with .mm
  2. #include "vector"
  3. Use this code:

std::vector <<int>int> myVector(20);
instead of just using vector <<int>int> myVector(20);

Now you have a brand new C++ vector working in Objective-C.

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using namespace std; would remove the need for stating the namespace before vector –  Stuartsoft May 24 at 22:03
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Objective-C is a superset of C, and therefore anything C will work with them. However, std::vector is a C++ class, which means the compiler has to be aware that you're going to use C, Objective-C and C++ code inside your program. You can do so by changing the extension of your source files from .m to .mm.

However, if you're still at the stage of learning Objective-C or C++, try to not mix too much C++ with it. C++ uses "non-POD types" (POD being "plain old data"), which are inherently incompatible with functions that take variadic arguments; under the hood, all Objective-C calls work that way, so that can make it complex to work with C++ types through Objective-C calls if you're not too sure about how it all works. You could use Cocoa's NSMutableArray class too.

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thank you for the great response. I have worked with ObjC for quite a while but have never needed to go into C++ (at all in life, and that after going through Basic / Pascal / Fortran / VB.Net / C# / ObjC and lately Java (just as I 'm getting into android) But after all that I'm still scared of C++ :( btw, this is the library I want to play with: wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Color_conversion_scripts Regards and thanks again big time –  dhomes Aug 12 '10 at 18:30
@dhomes These aren't the STL vectors, but rather some third-party vector objects. The language doesn't look like C either. What they use is roughly equivalent to struct vector { float x, y, z; }; And this is POD, so feel free to throw it in Objective-C calls. –  zneak Aug 12 '10 at 19:12
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how about:

struct Vector { float r, x, y, z; };
typedef struct Vector Vector;

VectorMake(CGFloat x, CGFloat y, CGFloat z)
    Vector vector; vector.x = x; vector.y = y; vector.z = z;return vector;
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A vector in C++ std library is a type of array, not a mathematical point in space as you're thinking. –  phreakhead Oct 19 '13 at 5:30
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