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Does anybody know if it is possible to migrate separate projects from a TFS 2005 server to a TFS 2008 Server?

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I've upgraded a TFS server from 2005 to 2008, but never migrated projects from one to the other. I can tell you that I have projects that use VS2005 in my VS2008 server and it works with no problems.

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Not the answer I was hoping for since i was hoping to get rid of some of the clutter and start with a fresh install. But I am afraid tat I can't find any other way to do it either. –  Coentje Dec 7 '08 at 12:36

A "crude but effective" way could be to do the full upgrade and then Delete the Team Projects you don't want on the new server.

That said - you should be able to accomplish much of what you want (with some limitations) using the TFS to TFS Migration utility on CodePlex. You may want to read through the discussions - some people had some issues with branches - you'll need to make sure you have your mappings correct.

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