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from TurtleWorld import *
import math

bob = Turtle()

draw_circle(turtle, r):
    d = r*2
    c = d*math.pi
    degrees = 360/25
    length = c // 25
    for i in range(25):
        fd(turtle, length)
        rt(turtle, degrees)

draw_circle(bob, 25)


The problem in on line 7:

draw_circle(turtle, r):

The compiler only tells me that there is a syntax error and highlights the colon at the end of that line. I'm sure I'm missing something simple, but the code looks right to me.

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in python, we define functions using the def keyword.. like

def draw_circle(turtle, r):
    # ...
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Ahhhhhhh.... I knew it was something obvious. I feel quite silly... Thank you. –  Grady Knotts Aug 12 '10 at 19:28

You need to write:

def draw_circle(turtle, r):

to define a function.

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I thought, just in case the other three answers weren't obvious enough, I should tell you that you need def first

def draw_circle(turtle, r):

@People duplicating: Seriously, could we get 1 more answer? I believe 3 (4 if you add me) isn't enough

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