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How would you append an integer to a char* in c++?

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First convert the int to a char* using sprintf():

char integer_string[32];
int integer = 1234;

sprintf(integer_string, "%d", integer);

Then to append it to your other char*, use strcat():

char other_string[64] = "Integer: "; // make sure you allocate enough space to append the other string

strcat(other_string, integer_string); // other_string now contains "Integer: 1234"
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This will also work in C. –  Sydius Dec 7 '08 at 2:46
You have a buffer overflow vulnerability on your hands if sizeof(int) > 4. –  Tom Dec 7 '08 at 2:47
Yeah, this is really insecure. At least use strncat... –  Jason Coco Dec 7 '08 at 2:56
@Tom: I'm not used to using the int type (I always use types like u8, u16, u32, etc.) so I didn't think of that... I will change the size of the string then. –  Jeremy Ruten Dec 7 '08 at 3:28
Should use snprintf and strncat, just to be safe. –  Brian C. Lane Dec 7 '08 at 3:55

You could also use stringstreams.

char *theString = "Some string";
int theInt = 5;
stringstream ss;
ss << theString << theInt;

The string can then be accessed using ss.str();

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Something like:

width = floor(log10(num))+1;
result = malloc(strlen(str)+len));
sprintf(result, "%s%*d", str, width, num);

You could simplify len by using the maximum length for an integer on your system.

edit oops - didn't see the "++". Still, it's an alternative.

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