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I'm trying to insert an image but do not want to specify the x and y coordinates. Is that possible?

$pdf->Image($image1, 5, 70, 33.78);

I want to be able to specify the size (33.78) but not the x and y so that it moves based on the content.

$pdf->Write( 70, $reportTitle );
$pdf->Ln( 45 );
$pdf->SetFont( 'Arial', '', 12 );
$pdf->Write( 6, $reportSubtitle );

  Create product 1
$pdf->Ln( 10 );
$pdf->SetFont( 'Arial', '', 12 );
$pdf->Write( 6, $prod1title );
$pdf->Ln( 30 );
$pdf->SetFont( 'Arial', '', 10 );
$pdf->Write( 5, $prod1sub );
$pdf->Ln( 30 );
$pdf->Image($image1, 5, 70, 33.78);

The above is the code I use. If $reportSubtitle is two or three lines, it pushes $prod1title and $$prod1sub down, and inevitably under the image that is fixed. Is there no way to have the image act like the product title and subtitle and be pushed down too while still declaring the size?

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I figured it out, and it's actually pretty straight forward.

Set your variable:

$image1 = "img/products/image1.jpg";

Then ceate a cell, position it, then rather than setting where the image is, use the variable you created above with the following:

$this->Cell( 40, 40, $pdf->Image($image1, $pdf->GetX(), $pdf->GetY(), 33.78), 0, 0, 'L', false );

Now the cell will move up and down with content if other cells around it move.

Hope this helps others in the same boat.

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You can use $pdf->GetX() and $pdf->GetY() to get current cooridnates and use them to insert image.

$pdf->Image($image1, 5, $pdf->GetY(), 33.78);

or even

$pdf->Image($image1, 5, null, 33.78);

(ALthough in first case you can add a number to create a bit of a space)

$pdf->Image($image1, 5, $pdf->GetY() + 5, 33.78);

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You can't treat a PDF like an HTML document. Images can't "float" within a document and have things flow around them, or flow with surrounding text. FPDF allows you to embed html in a text block, but only because it parses the tags and replaces <i> and <b> and so on with Postscript equivalent commands. It's not smart enough to dynamically place an image.

In other words, you have to specify coordinates (and if you don't, the current location's coordinates will be used anyways).

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See my edit above. –  Carson Aug 12 '10 at 20:05
At most you could try to calculate the text size (maybe with GetStringWidth() and see if it'd require adjusting the image's coordinates. But again, you can NOT insert an image into a PDF without providing coordinates. Nothing says you can't adjust the coordinates based on other content, but you can't insert blindly. –  Marc B Aug 12 '10 at 20:26

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