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I have a table called translations. (And a correspoding ActiveRecord class). This table contains the following fields id, key and value

I would like to select all translations where the key matches a given query + all the translations that don't match the query, but share the key with a translation which does matches the query.

The resulting SQL could look something like this:

    (select key from Translations where value like '%some search%')

I've tried a few things, but I can't seem to figure it out. Any ideas on how to express this in Arel?

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2 Answers

Similar to @valodzka, but add "t[....]" around the :key symbol

t = Table(:translations)
c = t.where(t[:value].matches('%some search%')).project(t[:key])
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Something like this should work:

t = Table(:translations)
c = t.where(t[:value].matches('%some search%')).project(:key)
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Hi Thanks for the answer. This piece of code does generate a sql statement that looks like it should do the thing, however mysql complains with error in syntax. It renders this: SELECT translations.* FROM translations WHERE (translations.key IN (SELECT key FROM translations WHERE translations.value LIKE '%value1%')) While it should render: SELECT translations.* FROM translations WHERE (translations.key IN (SELECT translations.key FROM translations WHERE translations.value LIKE '%value1%')) Is there any way of controlling this? –  Mark Meeud Aug 18 '10 at 18:43
Use project(:'translations.key') –  valodzka Aug 18 '10 at 23:34
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