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I remember in SVN, I can rename a file from foo.txt to foo2.txt and all the history will follow (log file of foo2.txt will show all history of foo.txt as well). But on Mercurial, seems like that's not the case. When a hg rename is done, then hg log foo2.txt will not show any previous history of foo.txt? Is there a way around it?

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Use hg log --follow foo2.txt or hg log -f foo2.txt (short form) to show you the entire history of the file before the hg rename

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Also xanatos described how you can change the default log command behaviour to --follow. –  vadipp Jan 16 '13 at 9:24
Sorry, but I don't really understand this answer. If I apply the log command BEFORE the hg rename then there is no foo2.txt. If I apply if after, there is no foo.txt, and foo2.txt has no history. Also how will mercurial "know" that the file foo2.txt is the new version of foo.txt? –  mg30rg Mar 26 at 9:55
@mg30rg the answer does not say that you should run hg log -f before you rename. It merely says that, hg log -f shows you the history before the file was renamed. –  Grim Fandango May 21 at 7:25

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