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I am using this code

p1 = Popen(['rtmpdump'] + cmd_args.split(' '), stdout=PIPE)
p2 = Popen(player_cmd.split(' '), stdin=p1.stdout, stderr=PIPE)
# try to kill rtmpdump
# FIXME: why is this not working ?
except AttributeError:
    # if we use python 2.5
    from signal import SIGTERM, SIGKILL
    from os import kill
    kill(, SIGKILL)

when p1 terminates then p2 is terminated too.

The problem is:

If I manually close p2 (it's mplayer), rtmpdump/p1 is still running. I tried various things like what is above but I still can't kill it. i tried with adding close_fds=True.

so may be rtmpdump still tries to write to stdout. but why is this cause kill() to fail ?

full source code:

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How does kill() fail? – habnabit Aug 13 '10 at 0:13
It simply does not kill the process. But no error or exception. I was only using 'pgrep rtmp' to look after that process but in fact, it is in <defunct> state. Looking for help on defunct process, I found that wait system call is needed for those process ?? By chance, I tried to add a p1.wait() and this works now. i.e. rtmpdump is really killed and <defunct> try: p1.kill() p1.wait() wait before kill does not work. I don't understand how wait is supposed to work after kill but it is. – solsTiCe Aug 13 '10 at 11:55
@solsTiCe: It would have been nice if you had answered your own question instead of editing it. Now others find your question again and again, when searching for old, unanswered, questions. Can you do so? And then mark that answer as accepted. – Anthon Apr 7 '13 at 18:53
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Here is the fix. call wait() after kill() to really kill the zombie process

# kill the zombie rtmpdump
except AttributeError:
    # if we use python 2.5
    from signal import SIGKILL
    from os import kill, waitpid
    kill(, SIGKILL)
    waitpid(, 0)
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