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When using routing (asp.net webforms) I want to setup a home route so I can browse articles on the frontpage like this

domain.com domain.com/1 domain.com/2 domain.com/3

I have no idea how to setup this routing because ~/ isn't accepted in the route. I tried http://www.domain.com/home/1 which works fine but is less nice ofcourse.

When I do it like this it work's fine but not on the homepage because it's looking for a pageindex which is ofcourse 'Default.aspx':

            new Route("{PageIndex}", new review.Routing.HomeRouteHandler())

Any ideas on this, maybe im missing something here!


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Use a trailing slash instead (It works for me anyway)

            new Route("{PageIndex}/", new review.Routing.HomeRouteHandler())
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I don't know much about ASP.NET routing, but this article may help:


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