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I'm beginner reporting service and i have problem. I have dataset with many borrower like this:

Loans           Borrower         DateCreate
L1              name 1           10/7/2010
L1              name 2           10/7/2010
L1              name 3           10/7/2010
L2              name 4           14/7/2010
L2              name 5           14/7/2010

and i want my report like, i can't know how to do.

Loans           Borrower                         DateCreate
L1              name 1, name 2, name 3           10/7/2010
L2              name 4, name 5                   14/7/2010

can anyone help me.

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You'll have to do this in the underlying dataset (in SQL Server for example). Like these examples

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