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is there an easy in Java to convert primitive class objects into object class objects? Given a class Class cl, I want to convert it into a Class that has no primitives. Eg.

Class<?> cl = int.class;

if (cl.isPrimitive()) {
  cl = Object of primitive

cl == Integer.class

I would like a method that does that for all primitive types. Obviously I could iterate through all primitive types, but I thought someone may know about a better solution.

Cheers, Max

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Just create a map constant. I don't think eight cases are worth bothering. – Nikita Rybak Aug 13 '10 at 3:57
Yeah... you're right. Already did that anyway, just thought I might miss a method that does that for me. – Max Aug 13 '10 at 5:39

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Hope I understood it right. Basically you want a mapping from primitive class types to their wrapper methods.

A static utility method implemented in some Utility class would be an elegant solution, because you would use the conversion like this:

Class<?> wrapper = convertToWrapper(int.class);

Alternatively, declare and populate a static map:

public final static Map<Class<?>, Class<?>> map = new HashMap<Class<?>, Class<?>>();
static {
    map.put(boolean.class, Boolean.class);
    map.put(byte.class, Byte.class);
    map.put(short.class, Short.class);
    map.put(char.class, Character.class);
    map.put(int.class, Integer.class);
    map.put(long.class, Long.class);
    map.put(float.class, Float.class);
    map.put(double.class, Double.class);

private Class<?> clazz = map.get(int.class);  // usage
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Yes, that's pretty much how I ended up doing it. Thanks for that. – Max Aug 13 '10 at 6:24
you forgot void.class. just sayin' – adapt-dev Oct 14 at 18:45


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Alternatively, if you're using Guava, it has Primitives class, which you can use like this:

Primitives.wrap(int.class); //returns Class<Integer>
Primitives.wrap(Integer.class); //returns Class<Integer>
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