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I basically am looking for a cross platform way to do basic things such as accept connections and send and receive data. What library would work in Linux, Windows and Mac?


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Winsock is based on the BSD sockets API, which is natively supported on both Linux and OS X (ie. socket(), connect(), accept(), send(), recv(), select() and so forth).

There are some differences, but they are such that it's usually easier to port from Winsock to true BSD sockets than the reverse.

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For C++

Of course you can always look here:

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+1 for Boost. There are reasons pro and con using Boost in your projects, but once you have Boost as a dependency anyway (and it's hard these days not to), using its features to the fullest is a good choice IMHO. Direct link to Boost::Asio: – DevSolar Aug 13 '10 at 7:16

I would suggest Qt. It has a great slot/signal paradigm that makes threaded socket programming easy.

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Boost's ASIO is a good choise; I'd suggest struggle to understand it and stick to it - it covers most of the things you'll want.

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