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When i am storing the credit card information in customer information manager its showing "E00044Customer Information Manager is not enabled" error. How to solve this problem?

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That would indicate that CIM has not been activated for that account. If this is a live account you'll need to sign up for CIM. If this is a dev account you'll need to activate it in your control panel.

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How do you activate it ? i can't seem to find it – solomongaby May 16 '11 at 13:15

CIM costs $20/month for a live account. You can easily enable it from the left menu on your dashboard.

If you would like to have CIM enabled in your test account, make sure you sign up for a "Card Not Present" type from here.

Helpful link for developer. Click here.

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It's under Account -> Merchant Profile -> Additional Services

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If it is your test account you can send an email to the developer support team to have CIM activated for your test account. If it is a live account it can be purchased through the control panel.

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Log in to, on the left looks for "Customer Information Management", click that, read the page and click to add the $20/month charge to your account.

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