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I just noticed that top, window and parent variables are giving me the same value. I was testing this at gmail inbox page. Any body knows what is the difference between these three values?

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If you are within a frame:

  • window refers to the current frame.
  • parent refers to the parent of the current frame.
  • top refers to the outermost frame.

If you're not within any frame, these will all just be a reference to the current window. If you're only within one level of frame, parent and top will both be a reference to the same thing.

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Thanks. Do you know if there is any particular browser special condition? For example in XXX top not apply... –  Fabricio PH Jul 15 at 20:39
No there shouldn't be although if your page was opened in a frame by a page from another security context (according to same origin policy, ie a different hostname) then you won't be able to access the properties inside the parent object. This is just normal security of all browsers. It prevents cross site scripting by opening another site in a frame (or being opened by another site in a frame). –  thomasrutter Jul 16 at 2:15

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