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Get month of a given date which is stored in a PHP time variable in 'Y-m-d' format

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Try date_parse_from_format():

$date = "2010-08-12";
$d = date_parse_from_format("Y-m-d", $date);
echo $d["month"];
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$date = "2010-10-10";
echo date("m", strtotime($date))?>
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$parts = explode('-',$your_date_variable_in_php);
$month = $parts[1];
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I prefer this one. – Your Common Sense Aug 13 '10 at 6:18


use this link . I think your problem is solved for any date format.

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is it really stored in PHP? Not in some database?
month(datefield) can do it in mysql query for example

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echo date("F", strtotime("2010-08-13"));
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You can use date() and strtotime():

    $date = "2010-08-13";
    echo date("m",strtotime($date))."\n";
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