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How to build and publish the ASP.NET web site(Microsoft Vishul Studio->File->New->Website) using Cruise Actually, ASP.NET Web site doesnot contain .csproj and .sln file.

Please Provide the solution and Suggestion for same.

Thanks in advance....

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You can add your web site to an empty solution (giving you a .sln file), then call msbuild.exe using the exec task against the solution file, or use NAntContrib's msbuild task.

For deploying, since it's a website, you have two options: either copy the files directly to the target location, or first precompile with aspnet_compiler.exe, then copy. See this MSDN article on more info on precompiling.

Your build file will contain roughly the following tasks:

  1. MsBuild
  2. (Optional) aspnet_compile
  3. Copy to destination location

Plug that into cruise control and you should be good to go (though I recommend separate build configurations for 1 and 2 vs 3).

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please refer the msdn link:

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thanks anish but i want to build and publish ASP.NET website using criuse and NANT Script instead of Visual Studio UI. – Sachbist Aug 13 '10 at 10:18

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