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I've got a few columns of data in which 3 columns contain dates (in date format : dd/mm/yyyy) . Now, I want excel to seperate the entire row into another worksheet according to the YEAR in the 3 columns.

In cell ( 17,B) and (18,B), i type in the year for reference ( which i want excel to seperate the rows accoding to this year) . * The year is not in "absolute term" and so the macro needs to be capable to capture the value in cell (17,B) and (18,B).

For example:: If i typed in "2011" in cell ( 17,B) and "2012" in cell ( 18,B), i want excel to look through the 3 columns (I to K),copy the entire row if the years in ANY of the column ( I to K) contains year of 2011 and 2012 and paste them in sheet 2.

Please take a look at this reference file:

In this file, i want to seperate the entire rows from column (E to M) in sheet 1 to sheet 2. And sheet 3 is approximately the final product i want. I need a VBA code for this....

Thanks! I couldn't find relavent information on google...

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