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At localhost (Debian Sid machine), PHP creates session files in /var/lib/php5. When I open sess_cd2ct9hud284gn01os13nk5mi7, for example, i can see something like that:


How could I read the real value of the session using this file? Is this a base64_hash?

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3 Answers

If you know the "name" or the id of the session you could read it within PHP.

// $oldName = session_name( "[session name here]" );
$oldId = session_id(); session_id( "[new id]" );

// Do something..
var_dump( $_SESSION );

// Get back to first session
// session_name( $oldName );
session_id( $oldId );

You could also try the session_decode() function, which loads the contents of a serialized session into the $_SESSION superglobal.

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sess_cd2ct9hud284gn01os13nk5mi7 cd2ct9hud284gn01os13nk5mi7 this is the session id, its in the name of the file

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OK, i got it. But how could i see the session value with the sess_cd2ct9hud284gn01os13nk5mi7 file's content? –  Thomas Yorke Aug 13 '10 at 11:44
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