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    //Seperate into arrays
NSString *NumberItems = [RawMessage componentsSeparatedByString:@"|"];
//Create the strings
NSString *number1 = [NumberItems objectAtIndex:0];    
NSString *number2 = [NumberItems objectAtIndex:1];
NSString *number3 = [NumberItems objectAtIndex:2];    
NSString *number4 = [NumberItems objectAtIndex:3];
NSString *number5 = [NumberItems objectAtIndex:4];    
NSString *number6 = [NumberItems objectAtIndex:5];
NSString *number7 = [NumberItems objectAtIndex:6];    
NSString *number8 = [NumberItems objectAtIndex:7];
NSString *number9 = [NumberItems objectAtIndex:8];    
NSString *number10 = [NumberItems objectAtIndex:9];
NSString *message = [NumberItems objectAtIndex:10]; 

the string RawMessage contains this,

011597464952|01521545545|454545474|454545444|01521545545|454545474|454545444|01521545545|454545474|454545444|Hello world i am the message

the app just seems to jam after that ? and do i need to release NumberItems at the end and/or RawMessage

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componentsSeparatedByString returns an NSArray - you need to do something like this:

NSArray *NumberItems = [RawMessage componentsSeparatedByString:@"|"];

That should fix it.

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thanks ill give it a go –  user393273 Aug 13 '10 at 12:17
Sure! Let us know if that works. –  codykrieger Aug 13 '10 at 12:32

The first line should be:

NSArray *NumberItems = [RawMessage componentsSeparatedByString:@"|"];
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