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I have a J2EE project in Eclipse 3.2 and at the end of every build I want to automatically create and deploy a WAR file. At the moment I have to do this by hand which is 5 or 6 mouse-cliks and it would be nice to automate it.

I know I can do this with a custom build script using ANT but I am hoping for an Eclipse native solution.

I have the J2EE standard tools (JST) and Web Standard Tools (WST) plug-ins installed in my Eclipse environment.

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If you can implement it as an Ant script, then you can have Eclipse invoke that Ant script on each build automatically (and inside the Eclipse environment). Use Project->Properties->Builders->Add->Ant Builder. Give that builder you custom Ant script and it will automatically be executed after the "normal" builders of your project.

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I bit the bullet and wrote myself an ANT script. It's pretty weird that you can do the same thing from the menus via Export | WAR but have to use a 3rd party tool to script it into a build. Ah well. – Simon Dec 7 '08 at 20:05
I think the export you are referring to is baked into the WTP tools. Ant (or Maven) is the best option to automate Java builds. – Luke Dec 7 '08 at 21:21
would you write what script you wrote to get it working? – Neutralizer Jul 9 '11 at 10:24

There are only two options:

  • Or you right click on project: Run -> Run on server. (Your project needs to be a web project.)
  • Or you write that ant script and use eclipse to store you ant run configuration and reuse that config.
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Using the latest Eclipse Java EE release you could define Servers and attach project to those servers.

This will automatically deploy your project to the server when the project changes.

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Could you please provide full details for this in stackoverflow.com/questions/1108938/… ? Would be very helpful! – Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen Jul 10 '09 at 11:03

Right click on your project: Export -> Web -> WAR File Do what you want to do.

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This is not automatic at all. – Ivan Aug 15 '12 at 18:15

Consider using netbeans, full ear and war deployment is possible without the need to write ant yourself for most of the major servers, ie tomcat, was, weblogic, glassfish and jboss.

I highly recommend it, even over the IBM rational suite.


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