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I have tested my app on 3.1.3 and when the device language is set to German it displays the UISearchBar cancel button localized into German. On iOS4 it displays as "Cancel". Is there anything specific I need to do in iOS4 to trigger the cancel button to display as a localized string?

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Setting "Localization native development region" as German in the info.plist solved the issue. –  alisdairmills Oct 29 '10 at 10:38
Take care, it seems not working in the simulator. Make your tests on device. –  nverinaud Nov 17 '11 at 10:18

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Change the Cancel button title:

for (UIView *subview in [searchBar subviews]) {
    if ([NSStringFromClass([subview class]) isEqualToString:@"UINavigationButton"]){
        // http://github.com/kennytm/iphone-private-frameworks/blob/master/UIKit/UINavigationButton.h
        [subview performSelector:@selector(setTitle:) withObject:@"newTitle"];

You can also find the cancel button looking for an element with dimensions 48,30. Use CGRect bounds = [subview bounds]; CGSize size = bounds.size;

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If you would like to keep from comparing class names as strings I am writing a more general method below (might be more robust after SDK updates?). Great post, worth the up vote :) for (UIView *subview in [searchBar subviews]) { if ([[subview class] isSubclassOfClass:[UIButton class]]) [subview performSelector:@selector(setTitle:) withObject:[[[[LocaleManager sharedLocaleManager] languageDictionary] valueForKey:@"General"] valueForKey:@"cancelButtonTitle"]]; } –  banDedo Oct 19 '11 at 0:39

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