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For the umpteenth time my laptop just shut down in the middle of my game because my power cable had disconnected without me noticing it.

Now I want to write a little C# program that detects when my power cable disconnects and then emits a nice long System beep. What API could I use for that?

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This should be trivial to implement using the SystemInformation.PowerStatus property. And even though that lives in Windows.Forms, it should be perfectly usable from a system service.

For a solution that also works on the Compact Framework, see HOWTO: Get the Device Power Status

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SystemEvents.PowerModeChanged. You will need to use either GetSystemPowerStatus (see link in one of the answers) or SystemInformation.PowerStatus (link is in another answer) in the handler to check what happened.

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your ans was just what I needed thanx :) – Aster Veigas Sep 15 '13 at 18:53

This will probably get closed as not-programming-related, but you may want to check your BIOS setttings.

My Lenovo laptop does exactly what you're suggesting natively. There is a setting in my BIOS for beeping on power status change.

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Notice how he cleverly worded it as a programming question. I can imagine other circumstances where a program would want to know if it was running on battery power, so it's a good question to have in the database. – Mark Ransom Dec 7 '08 at 19:25

To continue BQ's answer, there are power settings in Windows that can be changed when the power cord is removed. Since I sometimes work with it removed I didn't change the power settings on my machine, but when the battery approaches 15% the screen brightness is set to the lowest level, making it possible to work (and easily changeable with Fn-Home key) but very noticeable so that I plug the cable back in time.

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Here, is a little solution: using C# windows form application,

PowerStatus powerStatus = SystemInformation.PowerStatus;

if (powerStatus.PowerLineStatus == PowerLineStatus.Online)
    MessageBox.Show("Running On Power", Convert.ToString(powerStatus.BatteryLifePercent * 100) + "%");
    MessageBox.Show("Running On Battery", Convert.ToString(powerStatus.BatteryLifePercent * 100) + "%");

Hope, you got the idea, now you can use it in any way,...........

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This may very much depend on your exact operating system. Here are some calls for windows XP, I am sure you can find the Vista equivalents:


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Can't think of anything directly accessible via the .NET framework, but I do know that Intel has the Mobile Platform SDK with .NET libraries that should provide this information to you. It's possible AMD has an equivilent somewhere.

Intel Mobile Platform SDK

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