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I am trying to do a bulk transaction using SQLITE on CHROME (and SAFARI).

I'm doing this with javascript so this is what I have:



query += "INSERT INTO schools (name) VALUES('School 1');"




When I run this I get an error: NOT AUTHORIZED.

This only happens when I use the "BEGIN" or "BEGIN TRANSACTION" or "COMMIT" or "END TRANSACTION" keywords.

I've searched the web and the only thing that I can come up with so far is that the "NOT AUTHORIZED" error message means this functionality is not supported.

Does anyone know more about this?



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I dont think you need "BEGIN TRANSACTION", "COMMIT", or end "END". Here is an example of Web SQL from webkit: webkit.org/demos/sticky-notes/index.html –  digitalfresh Aug 13 '10 at 16:12
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Indeed, you don't need the BEGIN TRANSACTION, COMMIT and END keywords in your SQL queries.

I also have this error "not authorized (Code 1)" when I test my code with Safari in private browsing mode (menu Safari->Private Browsing). When turn off, it works perfectly.

DaveOnCode also saw this behavior

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