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I have tried texmaker, and it has built-in "intellisense" autocompletion, but it fails to find most of the packages because it seems it only recognizes the most basic latex commands.

Do you know any intellisense editor with a good base of commands, or better yet an editor that dynamically extracts syntax from yourinstalled packages?


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Have a look at KILE or TEXMAKER.

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I tried texmaker... you know how to make it recognize more commands? –  JavierIEH Aug 13 '10 at 17:15
Not for texmaker, but Kile offers the posibility to add completenion files and some abbreviations and dictionaries through it's settings. –  Lars Aug 13 '10 at 18:06

The new Inlage Version just got an awesome autocompletion feature.


  • Automatic resolving for all available LaTeX packages from the MikTeX list
  • Autocompletion with descriptions for ~600 LaTeX commands
  • Autocompletion with descriptions for 30 environments
  • Autocompletion with descriptions for commented user commands
  • Reference list for labels
  • nice Icons for all symbols

More information here:


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Perhaps try TeXworks, as you can easily add more terms to the autocomplete list.

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Ok guys i think i got the answer. TexnicCenter has a "import tex commands" which searches for syntax from installed packages and then adds them to auto completion. Sweet. I prefer more minimalistic editors such as texmaker, but i think i can live with texnic.

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