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Is there an open-source complex event processing (CEP) engine for ruby?

I'm looking specifically for something that offers stateful analysis, not just rules-engine-style antecedent-predicate productions.

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You could try something like rulecore which is language independent. It seems to use webservices and xml.

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It's possible to make use of the Java based Esper CEP by using JRuby. This blog post gives a quick, but clear, run through with a basic example.

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I haven't been following the CEP scene too closely (I worked with Cayuga from Cornell University, now open source, and Esper around 2006-2007), but I haven't heard of one yet. Most of them appear to be in .NET, Java, and C/C++. There are some event-related libraries for Ruby, but none seem to be anywhere near the capabilities of CEP engines such as Esper or StreamBase.

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Most CEP engines are servers that you can talk to in various language independent ways. For example delivering events using TCP/IP, JMS, http or other protocols.

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