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I want to insert a large chunk of html into a pre-existing <td>. I am using this method:


But it doesn't work. I am a noob, there are a lot of quotes and ' within the HTML chunk that seems to be breaking it. What is the correct method for doing this?

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Please show the exact code of your html() command and the HTML you're injecting it in. – Pekka 웃 Aug 13 '10 at 18:44
where is your html ? May be sometime wrong in html data and need to check. – saturngod Aug 13 '10 at 18:47
Where are your LOTS_OF_HTML_CODE coming from? Maybe you could escape it with your server side script. – Erik Escobedo Aug 13 '10 at 18:57
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I would suggest unifying the html into one string... like so.

htmlStr = "";
htmlStr += "<p>some paragraph";
htmlStr += "<p>another paragaraph</p>";


this way you can see where your html is breaking down and it adds a lot of readability to javascript created content.


if there is content in this TD that you'd like to keep, I would use the append() jquery method.

the jquery documentation is your best friend!

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Javascript doesn't have good support for multi-line strings or HEREDOC syntax, but there are a few workarounds.

Add a backslash "\" to the end of each line to let the script engine know you are continuing onto the next line without finishing:

var my_html = '\
    <div id="my-div">\
        <span>Name:</span> Your Name\

Use an XML CDATA hack(

var my_html = (<r><![CDATA[

    <div id="my-div">
        <span>Name:</span>Your Name

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What I would do is to put all of that HTML into a div as per: <div id="myHTML" style="display: none;">LOTS OF HTML HERE</div> then when do this:


What could be the problem is line breaks. If you have a string (enclosed in "" or '') then you will find that line breaks will "break" your code... so you'll have to put all the HTML on one line.

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Stefan is right, but to answer your question with quotes, don't forget to escape anything that would otherwise break it, so if you have html("<a href='#' onclick='dofunction("text")'>...etc..."); it needs to be html("<a href='#' onclick='dofunction(\"text\")'>...etc..."); in order for the double quotes to not be read literally.

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If quotes are breaking your code, try this...

$("td#content").html("<a href=\"\">my link</a>");

The quotes are not being escaped. Just add a backslash before any quotes, double or single within your HTML code. That should do it. ;)

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If it's coming in from a link, you'll probably want to do it with AJAX:


However, keep in mind if you're trying to pull HTML from a site on a different domain you'll need to use server proxies and all that stuff...kind of out of the scope of the question.

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You should probably be creating your elements with jquery, rather than in a big string. You get no certainty of dom correctness if you just use a big string, and it's near impossible to debug or modify.

This is similar to building xml by hand. It's just not the preferred way of doing it.

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