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This function returns to the thumbnail view when clicked on the enlarged image....

$('#wrapper > img').live('click',function(){
    $this = $(this);

        var $theWrapper = $(this);
        remove the large image element
        and the navigation buttons

... besides click, I want it also close on keypress or just 'Esc' if possible?

Many thanks

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If you want to bind escape you can check on keypress/keydown if the key is escape, and if so, use it, otherwise do nothing with it.

$('#wrapper > img').live('keydown keypress', function(e) {
    if (e.keyCode == 27)  {// Check if the keycode is 27, ie ESCAPE
        do your thing here
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I'd bind a keyup event to the document when the page loads, which checks if ESC was pressed.

Try it out:

$(document).keyup(function( event ) {
    if(event.which === 27) {
        // Run your code to hide the element
        //   and perhaps first check to see if it needs to be done.

jQuery normalizes the event.which such that it can be used in place of charCode and keyCode.

From the docs -

event.which normalizes event.keyCode and event.charCode. It is recommended to watch event.which for keyboard key input...

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