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is there a library out there for PHP that formats dates in an informal way?

I would love to have outputs like yesterday, 2 minutes ago, just now, three weeks ago – just like in Facebook. Makes blog posts appear so much more human.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I dunno about a library, but plenty of snippet functions:

The keywords are time since php and should pull up tons of snippets / code for you.

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Not sure about php but there's a jQuery plugin that does just that jQuery Pretty Date

Makes it easier to dynamically update the output, ie when a user stays on page for some time, the 2 minutes ago would update to say 3 minutes ago and so on

Example straight from that website

prettyDate("2008-01-28T20:24:17Z") // => "2 hours ago"
prettyDate("2008-01-27T22:24:17Z") // => "Yesterday"
prettyDate("2008-01-26T22:24:17Z") // => "2 days ago"
prettyDate("2008-01-14T22:24:17Z") // => "2 weeks ago"
prettyDate("2007-12-15T22:24:17Z") // => undefined 
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