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I'm checking out the SQL Debugger using Visual Studio 2010 (connecting to a SQL 2005 Enterprise Server), and I can successfully debug a stored procedure by going to Server Explorer -> Right clicking on the procedure -> "Step Into Stored Procedure".

However, once I'm in, I can't step into or set any breakpoints inside any subsequent function or stored procedure calls. See the example below: esp_StoredProc calls esp_AnotherStoredProc, but I can't set a breakpoint inside of esp_AnotherStoredProc or step into it during my debug session.

Is this a limitation of SQL debugging, or perhaps a limitation of my configuration or how I'm debugging things?


-- do something

-- do something else

-- call esp_AnotherStoredProc

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I think that in sql server 2005 this was a limitation of SQL debugging. I could be wrong though.

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i forgot to reply to this, but i was able to connect to a local 2005 instance and it stepped through inner procs just fine. so, something strange was happening, though i haven't resolved it. –  Jen A Sep 23 '10 at 18:15

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