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I want to load google maps dynamically so I only load them when needed but I keep getting the error google is not defined here is my code

if($('.geotags').length > 0){
      $("head").append('<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.google.com/jsapi?key=keytogooglemapsapi"></script>');
    google.load("maps", "2.x", {"other_params":"sensor=false",'callback':build_gmaps});

EDIT add more code to show where I would like to do this

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google has its own loader in their jsapi script that you can use to load maps api. and if you want to delay-load jsapi itself i would try jquery's getScript.

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sure would like to see the documentation for that I must have overlooked it somewhere – mcgrailm Aug 13 '10 at 20:38
i assume you are using version 2: code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/javascript/v2/… – akonsu Aug 13 '10 at 20:40
oh, and if you want to delay load jsapi itself i would try jquery's getScript – akonsu Aug 13 '10 at 20:43
ahh yes that shows you how load the google maps while your page is loading but not after the page is loaded – mcgrailm Aug 13 '10 at 20:43
Mike, I misunderstood your question at first. sorry. i would use jquery to load the loader and then load maps using the loader :) – akonsu Aug 13 '10 at 20:45

This documentation explains how to delay/dynamic load the maps api: http://code.google.com/apis/ajax/documentation/#Dynamic

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