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I have 3 autocompletetextview's in which i set its adapter to be an ArrayAdapter<String> with a very simple textview layout.

The autocompletextview hint results are showing, but are under the onscreen keyboard(i can see part of it). how can i make the results show above the autocompletetextview rather than below?

    airline = (AutoCompleteTextView)findViewById(;
    airline.setAdapter(new ArrayAdapter<String>(this, R.layout.autcomplete_dropdown, AIRLINES_AUTOCOMPLETE_ARRAY));

    departLocation = (AutoCompleteTextView)findViewById(;
    departLocation.setAdapter(new ArrayAdapter<String>(this, R.layout.autcomplete_dropdown, LOCATIONS_AUTOCOMPLETE_ARRAY));

    arriveLocation = (AutoCompleteTextView)findViewById(;
    arriveLocation.setAdapter(new ArrayAdapter<String>(this, R.layout.autcomplete_dropdown, LOCATIONS_AUTOCOMPLETE_ARRAY));
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Take the autocomplete textviews in respective layouts then you see they opens their values in it only (ABOVE), set autocomplete texview (bottom) of each layouts, as per your question you required three child layouts.

it is really working

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I had the same problem with this a little while ago. You Can try manipulating the z-index of the elements that are being hidden to force it to the top which would be your views in this case. Hope it works for you !

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Use a ScrollView for the layout where your Autocomplete resides and Voila!

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Doesn't seem to work on Android 6.0 – user324820 Dec 6 '15 at 16:28

Add an attribute in your AndroidManifest.xml


Which will auto resize and adjust the soft keyboard.

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Does your Activity adjustResize?


reference: Move layouts up when soft keyboard is shown?

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you should look here : Creating an input method

Composing text before committing

If your IME does text prediction or requires multiple steps to compose a glyph or word, you can show the progress in the text field until the user commits the word, and then you can replace the partial composition with the completed text. You may give special treatment to the text by adding a "span" to it when you pass it to InputConnection#setComposingText().

this way, suggestions will apears on soft keyboard prediction like auto-correction. An other way of doing it will be a fullScreen IME... with ExctractEditText : See this link...

This is what i usualy have seen in other apps... i don't think the autocompletetextview can be inverted and appears on top of the view, but what's strange is that it usually shows on top of the keyboard not bellow...

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