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I am currently using Watir with Firefox and it seems that when I try to set a field with the following text:


The command I am using is the following:

text_field(:name, "password").value=("!@#$QWER7890uiop)

I've also tried this:

text_field(:name, "password").set "!@#$QWER7890uiop)

Only the first 2 characters get entered. Is there something I can do to by pass this feature?

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I have a vague memory that ! can cause trouble (it may have been using autoit with watir though). Try moving the ! to the end and see if you get more characters. – Paul Rubel Aug 13 '10 at 21:42
It would help to see what you've actually tried. The first example above has an unclosed ", the second has an extra ) and an unclosed ". Have you tried setting a different field (i.e., "username") with the password string to see what watir is actually putting into the field? That would likely help you a lot in debugging this yourself. – mandersn Aug 14 '10 at 18:17

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You need to escape the string using single quotes '.

text_field(:name, "password").value='"!@#$QWER7890uiop'

Many characters are substituted inside double quotes.

  1. Escape sequences like \n, \t, \s, etc are replaced by their equivalent character(s). See here for full list.
  2. #{} where anything the braces is interpreted as a ruby expression.
  3. #$something where $something is interpreted as a ruby global variable. That's the problem with your quote above, beside not being terminated.
  4. %s is interpreted as an ERB template expression (it is interpolated). For instance:
    puts "%s hours later" % 'Five'
    results in
    "Five hours later".
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Which characters need to be escaped? Is it the! That causes issues? – Woot4Moo Aug 14 '10 at 15:31
I've just added the list I know of on the answer above. – Alkaline Aug 15 '10 at 3:01

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